The historic Connelly School, which has served as a high school, junior high school, and middle school, dates back to 1929. It ceased its school functions more than twenty years ago, and its cafeteria, kitchen, locker rooms, mezzanine, gymnasium, and athletic field now serve as the hub of our work in Lewisburg. Sitting near the center of the largest and most impoverished neighborhood in the city, its location and history make it an ideal site from which to reach out to those in need in our community. We realize that it's not the prettiest or most state-of-the-art spot in town, but it has served God's purpose in our ministry and served it well.

We do not own the building, however, and its rapidly accelerating deterioration means that we will begin construction on a new HUB in 2022 on land that has been donated to us at a prime location near Walmart. The plan is to break ground in the summer and to complete construction no later than the end of 2023.
Our historic hub